Tired of your precious home heating or cooling escaping through old single-pane windows? Or are you becoming frustrated with growing traffic noise affecting your indoor comfort? Then it might be time to consider an upgrade to double-glazing to improve the energy efficiency or the acoustic insulation of your home.

Not only will double-glazing improve your indoor thermal and acoustic comfort, using quality insulating frames such as uPVC will enhance these benefits further.

It is a common misconception that quality window frames can only be used when building a new home from scratch or as part of a new extension. Today’s uPVC windows can be retrofitted into virtually any type of property, from residential houses and apartments to commercial buildings.

With quality hardware and glass, uPVC window systems last for 35+ years, with minimal maintenance such as an annual wash with soapy water. They don’t need to be painted, have excellent moisture resistance and can withstand the Australian sun.

Contemporary uPVC windows offer a wide range of modern design options and colours including different woodgrains and plain and metallic colours to suit all types of architectural styles. uPVC windows have been proven in Europe and the US to be a highly suitable choice even for the restoration of historical buildings.

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